COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — The former girlfriend of one of three defendants in a high-profile Columbus murder and gang trial was a witness for the prosecution today.

Brothers Terrance and Homer Upshaw along with Roderick Glanton are facing multiple murder and gang charges.

They are accused in the June 2021 shooting death of 18-year-old Saiveon Pugh and 17-year-old Jesse Ransom.

The former girlfriend and mother of Homer Upshaw’s son took the stand today and described the events of June 14th, 2021.

She was at the house next to Wilson Apartments with Homer Upshaw, Terrance Upshaw, and Roderick Glanton.

She and her 1-year-old son fled the scene moments before gunfire erupted.

Alyssa Dunbar spent almost two hours on the witness stand Friday recounting the events leading up to the shooting.

She can be seen on this video fleeing the home just moments before the Upshaw brothers and Glanton allegedly shot more than 50 rounds into a sedan that was driven by Ransom. Pugh and two others were passengers.

Dunbar and her child were at the house to get birthday money from Terrance Upshaw. It was the child’s first birthday.

Under questioning from prosecutor Cara Convery, here’s what Dunbar told the jury about the moments leading up to the shooting.

Dunbar: “It happened real fast. So it wasn’t me waiting or anything like that. It all happened like that (snap of fingers).”

Convery: But is it fair, do you agree there’s a lot going on in this time that we’re talking about right now, as you are sort of make your way in the car, putting the baby in the car.

Dunbar: “In my mind, there’s a lot going on because my child was out there. So that’s really all I was worried about. Once I realized and it was obvious what was going on. Like if anybody was there to see what was going on. And I think I went through my fight-or-flight mode. And I left. I had leave to get my child out.”

Columbus Police Detective Roy Green told the jury that Dunbar had not been truthful under initial questioning. Her story changed when it was discovered the events were captured on video cameras mounted at Wilson Apartments.

The weeklong trial is expected to go well into next week. The prosecutors said they have two full days of testimony remaining. Judge Gil McBride told the jurors they could expect to begin deliberations late Wednesday or Thursday.