COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — A Columbus murder suspect remains behind bars despite an effort to have him released from jail on bond because of his medical condition. 

Antonio Austin is accused of shooting Quinnton Tate to death earlier this month. Before Austin could be taken into custody, he was shot seven times – but survived. 

“Don’t deprive us of our justice,” Patricia Strong told News 3 in an exclusive interview Thursday morning after a Recorder’s Court hearinG. “He took seven bullets. We don’t want him to get the eighth one before we get our day in court.” 

Strong’s son, 42-year-old Quinnton Tate, was shot to death Oct. 8th at the Cross Creek Apartments off Baker Plaza Drive. 

Police say 32-year-old Anthony Austin was the shooter. 

“He needs to be held accountable for the actions,” Strong said. “He pulled the gun. Hey, toe-to-toe if you had a dispute. You didn’t have to take his life and then run like a coward. No.” 

Police say that Austin and Tate had an altercation the week before the fatal shooting. Police also say, Tate was not armed at the time he was shot. 

On Oct. 17, Austin was shot seven times during a dispute that left three people wounded. Austin was taken to Piedmont Columbus Regional and was treated there until he was released Wednesday and taken into custody by the police, who booked him into jail. 

That’s when the issues started.

Austin was given a bond that would have released him on his own recognizance. That bond stated it was given “in consideration of the defendant’s acute medical condition.” 

Acting Muscogee County District Attorney Sheneka Terry was involved in that decision and the later decision to pull back that bond. 

“At this point, we don’t anticipate that will happen again,” Terry said. “I believe myself; Sheriff Countryman and the chief of police have worked together to be able to house him here at the Muscogee County jail.” 

Austin’s preliminary hearing was held Thursday morning. Judge Julius Hunter ordered him held without bond.  

Tate’s mother vows to fight bond for the man accused of killing her son. She buried her son Saturday and says that there is an ultimate judgment outside of the court system. 

“You know the rest is between him and his God. My son is at peace,” she said. “He’s laid to rest.” 

WRBL News 3 reached out to Sheriff Greg Countryman to discuss how Austin received the bond that was ultimately revoked. We have not heard back from him.