NASA: Thanksgiving on the International Space Station


(CBS News) – Astronauts aboard the international space station spoke about their favorite aspects of Thanksgiving. Two astronauts spoke upside down. They then shared their Thanksgiving food in space.

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Transcript below:

Hello. Come on board of the International Space Station, we Expedition 66, and we would like to share some thoughts about Thanksgiving, which is upcoming in a few days. So Kayla, what does Thanksgiving mean to you?
For me, Thanksgiving has always been about spending time with the people I love the most. Getting together and kind of just focusing on family and friends and being together and what we’re grateful for.
My favorite thing about Thanksgiving and what it means to our families, it’s a low overhead holiday. You don’t have to buy anything or do anything. You get to get the hang out at home and just be with each other, which is why it’s my favorite holiday.
And one of the themes of our expedition is those things that bring us all together. Obviously, there are people our families do, and Thanksgiving is all about that, but also food. It’s something is food is something that everyone around the world can celebrate. But for us, it’s the food is a big part of it, both being thankful for the fact that we have it and we can enjoy it, but also is a reason to come together with all of our family and friends.
And for my family, it was really all about getting people to come from wherever living in different places come together and spend time with family, in fact, in Houston. Thanksgiving is so warm that we every every Thanksgiving in Houston, we take our dining room table and we move it onto the driveway and we eat outside and we have really good luck with the weather in Houston. It’s a lot of fun for us there.
Good. OK. And I guess you’re interested what we are going to eat during Thanksgiving, Kayla, pick ’em back one for you, Tom. Thank you. Oh all right, that one one for Roger. Oh, you got to do this.
A special one, though.
I’ve got some crab bisque here, so that looking pretty good.
I’ve got the best case here, though the best one, everyone’s after the roasted turkey that’ll taste delicious with its water plus potatoes a great.
I also have potatoes au gratin.
Yeah, I found the desert cherry blueberry cobbler. My dessert for Thanksgiving. Maybe I share with you.

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