The home of fallen officer William Buechner had its mortgage paid off by a 9/11 memorial foundation, after a national fundraiser. The Tunnel to Towers CEO and Chairman Frank Siller told Fox News that the mortgages of Buechner, and five other homes, have now been paid in full.

The money for the payments came from a $1.5 million donation by Rush Limbaugh to Tunnels to Towers. The donation was funded through sales of Limbaugh’s Betsy Ross T-shirts on his website.

To announce the donation, Limbaugh returned to the Fox and Friends show to talk about the charitable act.

The shirt was on sale for 11 days before the donation, according to Limbaugh.

“This is day 11 that this shirt has been up there and running. And we announced a tie-in with a great charity, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation,” Limbaugh told Fox and Friends. “…We are today announcing a donation of $1.5 million to Tunnel to Towers in 10 days.”

That donation, just a portion of the proceeds, paid off the mortgages of Officer William Buechner of Auburn, who was killed in the line of duty on May 19 and five others.

The other homes paid for belonged to the families of Officer Matt Baxter of Kissimmee, Fla., killed in action on Aug. 18, 2017; Chief Steven DiSario of Kinkersville, Ohio, KIA May 12, 2017; Arizona Deputy U.S. Marshal Chase White, KIA Nov. 29, 2018; Firefighter Mitchell Lundgaard of Appleton, Wisc. KIA May 15, 2019; and U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 2, Jonathan Farmer, who was KIA in a suicide bombing this year, on Jan. 16.