COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — On Wednesday, Nov. 23 starting at noon, a portion of the Columbus Civic Center parking lot was filled with cars gathered for an annual giveaway.

“We are just celebrating,” said Amanda Muhammad, regional organizing director for the voter education project of the National Urban League. “We’re giving out turkeys and hams to everybody in the community that needs one. And we want to remind people to get out and vote during the runoffs.”

Muhammad said visitors didn’t need to prove they needed food.

“If they say they need it, we give it to them,” she said.

Above, Amanda Muhammad, regional organizing director for the voter education project of the National Urban League, poses in front of the bus at the turkey and ham giveaway.

Volunteers had about 300 uncooked turkeys and hams to hand out to each vehicle.

Also parked in the parking lot was a bus decorated with a Black voting theme. Text on the back, right side of the bus said, “Black voters matter” and encouraged viewers to visit or text WEMATTER to 25225.

This event was sponsored by Urban League of Greater Columbus, Urban League of Greater Columbus Young Professionals (ULGCYP), National Urban League, Columbus Civic Center and Davis Broadcasting Inc.

National Urban League explains on its website that it “works to provide economic empowerment, educational opportunities and the guarantee of civil rights for the underserved in America.”

The ULGCYP website explains that ULGCYP is composed of young professionals in the Columbus, Georgia area who support the mission of National Urban League. It also explains the mission of Urban League of Greater Columbus:

“The mission of The Urban League of Greater Columbus is to empower and assist minorities, disadvantaged and underserved citizens as well as low income families in obtaining social and economic equality through their achievement of becoming economically self-sufficient and self-reliant in the areas of gaining equal access to jobs, education, affordable housing and healthcare and to foster economic empowerment by educating and equipping individuals and families with the necessary tools and resources needed to improve their quality of life.”