85-year-old hockey player refuses to let age slow him down

QUINCY, Ma (CNN/WCVB) - Four mornings a week, the Quincy Youth Arena takes a trip back in time, as the Quincy Bald Eaglesan over 60- hockey team take to the ice.

For more than an hour, the team of retirees and grandfathers duke it out. But one player has seniority over everyone else, 85-year-old goalie Bill Parsley.

Hockey players are known for being tough, but Bill is as tough as they come.

"I got a detached bicep in each arm, I've had both hips replaced and I had two surgeries on each shoulder,” said Parsley.

His skill and dedication inspire Bill's teammates, some of whom are young enough to be his kids.

"He's an old fashion standup goalie, he's adapted a little bit to the butterfly,” says hockey player Fred Flavin.

"Every time my back is hurting me right now but I say holy moly I look at him and no excuses,” says 68-year-old hockey player Steve Devine.

Bill announced his retirement earlier this year.  He’s already postponed it once, and he may postpone it again if his health holds.

"You know when people get old, as they get older their friends die off and everything there's 70 guys in this organization and it's like you start skating and all of a sudden you pick up 70 new friends,” Parsley said.


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