Local reaction to the Kaepernick and Nike partnership


There’s controversy surrounding the latest Nike ad and Colin Kaepernick partnership. 

The news comes on the heels of the ex NFL player’s series of game where he took a knee during the National Anthem in 2016 as he protested the string of deadly police killings of unarmed Black men. 

The picture that is stirring up the most controversy at this time is a picture of Kaepernick that reads “Believe in something. even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Since the picture was posted to social media many folks have responded with their opinions including a few folks from the Valley. 

“Actually I’ll buy more from Nike because they’ll buy more from Nike because they concerned about what’s going on in society. I like that,” says 

Nike says the partnership is part of its 30-year recognition. When it comes to the protest Kaepernick says he wanted to call attention to several police killings. 

Columbus man John Curry says he didn’t like the inequality in the justice system in regards to the police. “They get taps on the hand but if I kill somebody, I’m gonna get a life sentence,” Curry stated. 

Another man in the Valley also commented on the new partnership. 

“I think Nike is doing a great thing by stepping up and doing something that a lot of companies were scared to do. We all know what Kaepernick stands for and what he’s doing and me personally I think it’s a great thing and for Nike, I think that’s gonna shed more light on the situation and give Kaepernick a better platform and bigger platform than he already has,” says JP Gueli. 

While some in our area are in support of the new partnership – it appears that more of our viewers are not. 

News 3 conducted a Facebook poll asking whether folks were in support of Nike’s endorsement of the ex 49ers player. 

Since the news of the endorsement has been released some have taken to social media burning their Nike gear. 

One Valley man says that he doesn’t care about any of that. “Not gonna be bothered. If you don’t wanna buy Nike then that’s more stuff for me to go buy,” he says. 

Kaepernick is now suing the NFL saying the team owners are colluding and preventing him from signing with another team. CBS News reports a ruling was made just last week that his grievance will go to trial. 

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