(NewsNation/NEXSTAR) — A passenger was arrested at Logan International Airport in Boston on Monday after attempting to bring a self-defense device known as a “vampire straw” through security, officials with the Transportation Security Administration said.

The item, a drinking straw featuring a sharp pointed tip, is described by an online retailer as an “edged instrument” that can double as a dagger or a “very effective tire deflator.”

“The straw’s strength, length and dagger-like point make it a prohibited item,” TSA spokesperson Dan Velez confirmed in an emailed statement to Nexstar.

The item was confiscated by Massachusetts State Police, the TSA said. (Transportation Security Administration)

The passenger, identified as a 26-year-old male, had also concealed the straw “among titanium chopsticks in his carry-on bag,” Velez said.

TSA officers turned the item over to the Massachusetts State Police, who arrested the passenger “on a state charge,” according to the TSA. State police later confirmed he had been charged with carrying a dangerous weapon, the Associated Press reported.

The passenger is scheduled to appear for an arraignment on May 30, according to the AP.

The TSA, meanwhile, provides an extensive list of prohibited items on its “What Can I Bring?” webpage, which includes specific criteria for sharp objects.

The agency additionally notes that on-duty TSA officers are responsible for making the final call “on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.”