SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Multiple apartments were shot through at an Upstate Complex on Sunday night.

The Spartanburg Police Department said the call came in around 9 p.m. to the Meadow Green Apartments.

“You can’t just go around shooting guns where small children live, it’s scary, I don’t want to have to be burying my 5-year-old child just because you wanted to shoot a gun,” said a resident who wished to remain anonymous.

The police department said a courtesy officer radioed in after he heard the gunshots and several units arrived on scene.

“I don’t believe the apartments that were shot were targeted, I do believe that there were some people standing out front and they were shooting at those individuals,” said Major Art Littlejohn.

Littlejohn said several shots were fired and four apartments were struck with bullets.

Investigators said they believe there is more than one shooter.

“We encourage people who were involved, or people who know what happened, to give us that information opposed to people going to retaliate and do it themselves,” said Littlejohn.

A woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said she had just put her kids to sleep when she heard the rapid gunfire.

“So, we hit the floor, and I looked out the window and I just seen a bunch of kids in the parking lot, holding guns,” she said.

She said her first concern was for her little children.

“I was really surprised and shocked that nobody was injured, because these two apartments mainly got the brunt of it, and it went through to the other two apartments on the other side,” stated the mother.

Vehicles were also hit with bullets during the shooting on Sunday.

“Two of my kids car seats have bullet holes through them,” stated the woman. “My car is full of bullet holes, there’s at least 6 or 7.”

The Police Department said thankfully, no one was hurt.

“These type of things has to stop happening in our city, because someone is going to get hurt, someone is going to get injured. As we can see, it happens more frequently and it’s because of people who are wanting to retaliate,” stated Littlejohn.

Littlejohn said this cycle of violence will not stop if people do not let the police do their jobs, they are asking for anyone with information to come to them.