SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) –  Officials with the Reidville Fire Department
received a call about an uncommon accident on Sunday morning.

“An aircraft down at Sharon Church Road and Highway 101,” said Richard Farr, Deputy
Fire Chief with Reidville Area Fire District.

According to officials, they received the call around 10:38 a.m.

That plane crashed into a field with two passengers inside. When crews arrived, they located passengers of the plane who were conscious but injured. 

“There was entrapment the guys did have to extricate. I don’t believe it was a
very long extrication, but they did have to extricate the patients,” Farr
added. “They were able to get those patients out and into the care of
Spartanburg EMS, those patients were then airlifted to the closest hospital I
believe in Greenville.”

Farr added that the Trinity Fire Department also responded to assist with
manpower and getting the helicopters. The crash occurred on a 50
acre property owned by Phil Davis.

“Whitney Farr who leases and farms the field called me and I was at church and
said that there had been a small plane crash into the field,” Davis said. “My
first concern was for the pilot and any passengers on board that they would be okay or get medical help and get in good order.”

Davis said this is not the first time something like this has happened in the

“It was about 30 years ago that another plane I believe it was taking off as
well, and it crashed near that same area so I guess I am not totally surprised that something like that could happen again.”

Davis said the accidents were similar, “it was a similar type of weather day
back 30 years ago when that one crashed.”

Officials said the Federal Aviation Administration will be assisting in this

It is not yet clear how severe the passenger’s injuries are.