LANCASTER, S.C. (WSPA) – A South Carolina woman was arrested on Monday, Feb. 13, after officers said she tried to have more than six pounds of cocaine delivered to her house.

Quanisha Lashay Manago, age 28, of West Richland Street in Kershaw, was arrested and charged with trafficking more than 400 grams of cocaine and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office said the arrest came after the officers received a tip a package containing cocaine was being delivered from out of the country to Manago’s address.

Officers worked with agents from the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division, United States Postal Inspection Service and Homeland Security Investigations to intercept and test the package.

The sheriff’s office said it contained 3,014 grams – 6.6 pounds – of cocaine.

A controlled delivery of the package was made to Manago. After receiving the package from an undercover officer, Manago reportedly put it in the back seat of a car and got behind the wheel of the car to leave before police moved to arrest her.

Manago was with an unidentified woman who officers said was released and not charged with any crime.

“This operation illustrates how effective information sharing and cooperation among law enforcement agencies is,” said Sheriff Barry Faile. “Within a few short days, the information was received, an operations plan was created, and the operation was carried out flawlessly with the participation of lots of officers from multiple agencies.”

Faile said cocaine sells for about $60 a gram, making the street value of the drugs seized over $180,000.

“This was a lot of cocaine, and thanks to all who participated it will never hit the street. The case is not over, and law enforcement continues to investigate both ends of this shipment,” Faile said.

Manago was booked into the Lancaster County Detention Center. She was denied bond.