COLUMBUS. Ga. (WRBL) — New York authorities took former president Donald Trump into custody on Tuesday. He is only the second American president to be arrested after Ulysses Grant, who was taken into custody by a Washington policeman in 1872.

The press did not find or publish President Grant’s arrest story when it happened, but The Sunday Star interviewed the policeman, William West, 36 years later and published it on September 27, 1908.

West told the newspaper that several of the residents had complained to the Police that horsemen were speeding their horses along 13th Street.

“President Grant was one of the drivers who used 13th Street and many a time he engaged in a speed contest with his friends,” recalled West.

The policeman told the newspaper that he had stopped President Grant one evening and let him go after a warning.

But the next evening he caught the president violating the speed limit, and when stopped he informed him, “I am sorry, Mr. President… but I will have to place you under arrest.”

The Sunday Star wrote that President Grant went to the police station, gave $20 collateral, which was fortified and commanded the Policeman for his attention to duty.

During the succeeding years of his police active duty, West stayed quiet about the incident, and it did not publish in the press. After his retirement, he decided to inform the public the true story of his arrest.