PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WKRG) — Some Panama City and other Florida residents are still without power, cell service and shelter, but stores are opening and the food is being served.

Long lines formed along Highway 98 with people waiting for their first hot meal in a few days. Food trucks from Fort Walton Beach are being rotated in almost every day to provide a number of hot meals including hamburgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, rice, and beans for Hurricane Michael victims. Rotating the trucks ensures at least one is serving food on any given day.

Adrian Bailey the owner of B’s Smokin’ Barbeque said, “We just wanted to get out and feed the people here in Panama City so, we invite everyone to come out and them a free meal. We have pulled pork, we have hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans. We brought a lot. We still have about 50 pounds of pulled pork on the inside, so just come on out and get a free meal! “

B’s Smoking Barbeque isn’t the only truck providing free food to hurricane victims. Sonya from Father’s Daughter Portuguese Cuisine is also on site, providing free food. Sonya, of Father’s Daughter, says “We brought chicken, beans, rice, beef, a little bit of everything, as much as we could bring.” As for their reason for setting up the free food truck, Sonya says, “It’s just easy. It’s the human part of us, you know? It could happen to anybody, it could happen to us, so we feel for their loss here and their families. Anything we can do to help will be great.”  

Home Depot is open in Panama City Beach allowing people to get other essentials such as generators, chainsaws, plywood, roofing material, and gas cans. The Home Depot was fortunate enough to take minimal damage allowing them to open the day after the storm. However, now the store is starting to run low on items. 

Karen spoke with News 5’s Dana Winter as she waited in line for her turn to enter a Walmart. “Burner phones, water, and supplies that will last” were items on her list. Karen said they have “no power and no water so she needs to get things that she can eat like crackers and peanut butter.”