Choking student saved by Neosho bus driver

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NEOSHO, Mo. — It was anything but your normal ride on a school bus this morning in Neosho.

It’s safe to say the ride to George Washington Carver Elementary is one the bus driver and everyone on board will never forget.

“Now I’ve got to add to the suckers eating on the bus, I’ve gotta stop the quarter eating,” said Rodney Edwards – School Bus Driver.

That’s because in the early hours of the morning, first grade student Ian Wooster found himself gasping for air.

“I put a quarter, one quarter in my mouth and then I accidentally swallowed it and I started choking,” said Ian Wooster – First Grade Student.

Wooster first tapped on his friends shoulder for assistance. With no luck, his sister called for help.

“My sister had to scream and then the bus driver, because there was a quarter in my mouth and he started to try and get it out and then I got it out,” said Wooster.

“What was going through my mind was just to get that quarter out. I made sure I put the bus in park, put the parking break on and went ahead and started working with him,” said Edwards.

With 12 years of military service, Rodney Edwards thanks his background for knowing what to do.

“Before deployments I would do CPR, AED and first aid training along with combat medic training. And I do think that being deployed as many times as I have been, that that really just made my mind clear at that point what I needed to do,” said Edwards.

Edwards adds that all bus drivers should know how to know the basics of the Heimlich maneuver in case they ever encounter a situation like he did. I asked Ian if he plans on saving the quarter for good luck and… Well, he tells me he immediately spent it on a new pencil.

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