Get your tissues ready to watch this emotional video of a missing dog getting reunited with it’s owner’s sister.

On May 8, 2023, a stray dog named Bentley was brought into ACCT Philly after he was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia. Upon scanning his microchip, ACCT reached out to the primary owner, which is when the owner’s sister Dee answered the phone and heard the joyous news that Bentley was found.

After the conversation, ACCT learned that Bentley’s original owner had passed away and that Bentley had been missing for over 3 years in Memphis, Tennessee.

Dee was overjoyed with emotion and immediately expressed interest in reclaiming Bentley, as he was all that’s left of Dee’s sister, who passed away.

Throughout the month of May, ACCT worked meticulously hard to bring Bentley back to Memphis, and were able to arrange transport through Whiskers, Tails & Scales Transport and get Bentley back to his home state on Sunday.

On Monday, May 29, Bentley was finally reunited with his big sister Dee and the heartwarming reunion truly had us all in tears.

Through heartwarming stories like this, ACCT Philly wants to remind all pet owners to ensure their microchip is up to date. You can find information and check your pets microchip, here.