CHATTAHOOCHEE COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL)– Almost a month into the new year Chattahoochee County is clearing land to prepare for three new businesses that are making their way into town.

The county is clearing land off of Highway 520 for a new travel plaza costing around $2.2 million, a gas station, and a new Family Dollar combined with Dollar Tree costing around $5 million. City Manager Laura Lee Bernstein told News 3 these new stores will be beneficial to the community.

“Essentially these developments, especially with them happening all at the same time will really enhance our revenue that’s coming into the county. Number one the tax revenue alone coming into the county will almost double as a result of these developments. With the SPLOST and TSPLOST were a part of it will contribute to those as well, so we’re real excited it’s a real game-changer for a place like this,” Bernstein said.

The new travel plaza will have a mini grocery store inside, Bernstein said this will be a major relief for those in Chattahoochee County and Stewart County.

“The addition of some form of a grocery store in this area is so important because folks have to drive to Columbus or any other surrounding county just to get groceries for their family. So this is something that’s great for our citizens and it does help the other county south of us because it gives them somewhere closer to come. But also it shows development is starting to occur south of Fort Benning that historically has not been started, ” Bernstein said.

Berstein said there has always been an interest for potential business opportunities in the general area.

“I think the interest has always been that 520 is really a corridor of business opportunities. These roads go and they connect down to Florida into south Georgia and it’s one of the major four-lane roads to get to those places. So I think development was always a potential here, it was just a matter of time before it began,” Berstein said.

Berstein told News 3 she’s excited to see the county grow.

“Personally it’s exciting to see the county actually making that corner turn to begin adding some development to the area. For so long they have not had any form of development besides the Dollar General and a couple of gas stations, the grocery store that was here was a locally owned grocery. They decided to retire understandably, they provided a great service to the community and we were very sad to see them go. But it’s also refreshing to see that there are folks interested in coming in and doing some development in Chattahoochee County and so it’s exciting to see the residents are going to have other places to go to get their necessities,” Berstein said.

The new businesses are scheduled to open in July 2022.