COLUMBUS, GA. (WRBL) — Earlier this week Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp appointed prominent criminal defense attorney Stacey Jackson as the new district attorney for the Chattahoochee Circuit. 

When Kemp appointed Jackson the DA late Monday night, it took one of the top – if not the top – criminal defense attorney — out of the defense game. 

Jackson spent eight years as a prosecutor before leaving the Chattahoochee DA’s office in 2008 and going into private practice. 

A piece of the Sunday conversation gives you an idea of how Jackson will approach it.

Listen to this exchange:

Williams: “How are you going to make the transition back into the prosecutorial side. Because it’s the same game, but two different teams.” 

Stacey Jackson: “You are right. But I am glad you used the scenario teams. It’s football, whether you play for the Falcons, you play for the Rams or you play for the Chargers. Football is football.” 

Williams: “Well, I would argue the Rams is a better football than the Falcons. But I get it. I get what you are saying. It’s the same game.” 

Stacey Jackson: “It is the same game. The only difference is as a defense attorney you are looking at the rights, the individual rights of defendant. But where on the prosecution side, you are defending the rights of the state and those victims that have been harmed.” 

The governor has not set a date for the swearing in. Jackson is currently moving his clients to other attorneys. The state will have to bring in conflict counsel to handle the large number of cases Jackson or his firm Hangler, Jackson and Walters are involved in. 

You can watch Chuck’s complete interview with Jackson on News 3 Sunday Morning, which airs between 8 and 9 o’clock. 

It will also be online after it airs.