New radio procedures for Ellerslie Volunteer Fire Department


ELLERSLIE, Ga. (WRBL) – Firefighters risk their lives everyday to protect those in our community and now a new radio procedure will help them save lives. The Harris County 911 Dispatch Center has just received a new console that allows for more channels and for all calls to be recorded.

In addition to this, the most important part of this new upgrade is the two gateway systems installed in two of the Ellerslie Fire Departments Trucks. Ellerslie Fire Chief Skip Wyatt explained the need for these new additions.

“The main thing that we were really trying to do is getting everything recorded and getting where the fellas can get out on the radios we got a lot of dead areas where cell phones won’t even pick up,” said Chief Wyatt.

Chief Wyatt said the the number one thing firefighters need to be able to rely on is communication and once these trucks are parked on an area of higher ground near a fire these new tools not only receive the firemen’s calls, but send them to 911. This is something that Chief Wyatt said is critical.

“Somebody goes down and their in a structure, three story house, down in a basement, we’ve got to know it,” said Chief Wyatt. “So that’s where the radio coming out and hitting this truck and going out to 911 that’s the most important part.”

Not only is it important to help potential victims but to help save firefighters lives as well.

“Ya know, firefighters inside that’s pretty important information and we want to protect every one of our guys that’s inside,” said Chief Wyatt. “We want to know exactly what’s going on so we gotta be able to hear them, 911 has to be able to hear them.”

Chief Wyatt said there are still a few issues to be worked out with the new system, but he expects it to be running smoothly in the next couple of days.

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