New Video: More lava flowing from volcano on La Palma


LA PALMA, Canary Islands (CBS NEWS) – Rivers of thick lava flowed from the Cumbre Vieja volcano on Spain’s La Palma island Monday (10/4). Researchers said part of the volcano’s main cone collapsed over the weekend, increasing the lava flow.

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(AP) – Authorities on the Spanish island of La Palma say they are tightening their surveillance of an erupting volcano after part of the crater collapsed and unleashed a cascade of more liquid and faster-moving lava. One official said Monday that the crater was “like a dam.” Fiery molten rock poured out from a “lava lake” inside when part of its wall collapsed. The more fluid lava followed the same course as previous molten rock. It has now hardened and filled up gaps and spilled over the sides. More earthquakes also rattled the island. But officials said they were deep underground and weren’t expected to create new fissures.

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