Columbus, Ga (WRBL)- New voting machines have finally arrived after a Federal Judge ordered for the State of Georgia to get rid of their outdated, vulnerable equipment in August 2019.

There were 473 ballot marking devices, and printers delivered to the Citizens Service Center to be used for the upcoming elections.

“Well it’s a really exciting day for us we’re excepting delivery of our new State wide voting equipment , that we will be using for the Mar. 24. Presidential preference primary. It’s a different process for the voters, in addition to casting their ballot on the touch screen they’ll actually print a paper ballot they will review it and they’ll have to cast that as their official ballot,” said Nancy Boren the Director of Elections and Voter Registration.

Boren said there is one machine for every 250 voters in Muscogee County.

According to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, these new certified touch screen voting machines have been deemed election safe, and could eliminate long waiting times at the polls.