COLUMBUS, Ga.- After receiving a few calls from voters on Super Tuesday regarding their polling place change, News 3 looked into the changes.

Jessie Mitchell was one of those who reached out to News 3. She has been voting since she was 18 and she makes it a priority to vote each election. She said she was able to vote on Tuesday, but one thing was different.

Her normal polling place is Northside Baptist Church on 54th Street, but now her new polling place is at Columbus Tech. Jeanette James of the Elections and Registrations Office says those at Northside Baptist and Fox Elementary were switched to Columbus Tech for voting because it wasn’t feasible to have both locations, so they consolidated. Those at Blackmon Road Middle were switched to the Salvation Army Church on Warm Springs Road. In total, 5,693 voters were switched.

James says that the decision to consolidate polling places was made in November and postcards with new polling places were sent to voters as soon as the decision was made.”It was very important because how would they know where to go if we didn’t inform them where to go,” James said. “The only problem was a lot of the cards came back cause a lot of people moved. They had changed their address with the DDS, but they didn’t change their address with us and so we got a lot of the cards back.”

James added that if anyone has any questions regarding voting to call the Elections and Registrations Office at 706-653-4392