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The sign out front may say senior center, but what goes on inside and outside the walls of the Gallops Senior Center is truly for the young at heart.

Three times a week this exercise room at the Gallops Center fills up with senior citizens who are focused on fitness.

“When I retired I decided that I was going to get some type of exercise regimen in place because my favorite things to do are reading, watching TV, and eating,” says Phyllis Jones.

Phyllis has been exercising at Gallops for three years now. The last two years Terry Young has been the director in charge. And he has really stepped up the activities.

“My theory and practice is active aging. I want to get people moving around. It took me awhile, but now I’m proud to say that I think people have bought in to active aging philosophy and we’re on the move here at the Gallops Center,” says Terry Young.

Latrella Conwell has been coming to Gallops for six years and says Terry is a fantastic motivator.

“We’ve decided that Terry eats gun powder for breakfast…because Terry’s a senior citizen, too,” says Latrella Conwell.

The activities for these seniors go well beyond the walls of the center. Another popular program is called Walk Columbus.

“We’ve been on Rails to Trails.  I’m proud to say that we worked up to an eleven-mile walk.  We walked from Psalmond Road down to Uptown Columbus,” says Terry.

“We’ve been canoeing.  I was shocked at the people that told me they had always wanted to do something like that but they were afraid to do it,” says Terry.

“I was also amazed that a lot of people had never been on top of Pine Mountain to see how beautiful it is up there and  what it has to offer,” says Terry.

Ziplining was on some of these seniors’ bucket list. So Terry made it happen.

“When we went from Georgia to Alabama in the air I heard one lady just laughing the whole trip,” says Terry.

That was probably Deborah West.

“Man, that was awesome.  Just going across the Chattahoochee just screaming and hollering and having fun.  It was fun!” says Deborah West.

Deborah says she had a stroke seven years ago.

“My doctor says I’m doing excellent. I was on 35 pills. I’m on just two now,” says Deborah.

“To see these seniors smile and hear them talking about ‘that was fun, that was so much fun, I want to do that again.’ That’s my reward,” says Terry.

“If anyone wants to come and join us, hey, we’re not old seniors.  We are young fit seniors, YES!” says Deborah.

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