COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — A news conference was held this morning on behalf of David Pollard, the Carver High School baseball coach who died in 2016.

Coach Pollard was killed in a hit-and-run at the Buena Vista Rd spiderweb in 2016. The Pollard family has filed a lawsuit that is awaiting trial in state court with Judge Andy Prather. In addition to a lawsuit, the Pollard family would like the city to change the current chase policy and purchase liability insurance. 

Columbus Police have released a copy of the chase policy:

Attorney Katonga Wright Lawyer of The Wright Legal Group gave a brief statement on the family’s behalf.

“We request our police chief and sheriff to adopt the policy that officers are not authorized to engage in a vehicle pursuit in order to subdue an escaping suspect who presents no imminent threat of death or serious injury. We ask the city to declare through their chase policies that chases for property offenses, misdemeanors, traffic offenses or civil infractions are explicitly outlawed in Muskogee County,” said Wright.   

The office of Mayor Skip Henderson also released a statement on the case, which reads as follows:

“The Columbus police officers in this matter performed appropriately. The tragic accident involving Coach Pollard was the direct result of the grossly negligent acts of the party that stole a vehicle and fled recklessly. The case awaits trial in state court and the city will be defended vigorously.”

This case is currently awaiting trial. WRBL will update the public on any changes.