SEARCY, Ark. – Residents at a Searcy nursing home got a huge surprise Friday when dozens of people in the community lined up for a parade.

The Crossing at Riverside Nursing Home put on the parade to celebrate all the April Birthdays.​​

“Today brings hope,” said Kelly Adcock, Director of Community Relations.​​

One resident at the nursing home was especially surprised that so many people would show up to wish her a happy 100th birthday.​​

“This is a shock Ill tell you, I don’t know how y’all pulled this off,” said  Margaret Parker, Turning 100.​​

Margaret Parker is celebrating one century of life.​​With each passing car, she just couldn’t believe it was all for her.

​​”How did they get all this together?” said Parker.​​

Parker wasn’t the only one having a good time. The courtyard was covered with people smiling under their face masks.​​

“I just saw lots of smiles on their faces and that’s something that we really love to see here,” said Adcock.​​

Kelly Adcock, the Director of Community Relations at the crossing said COVID-19 has really taken its toll on the folks living here.

So seeing lots of smiling faces as balloons and families drove past is something these folks will remember while going through these tough times.​​

“We’re doing our best, we are doing FaceTime, window time, card writing, all kinds of things to keep them involved and active so they don’t miss their families as much,” said Adcock.​​

Of course, they still cant wait to see their families, even if it is through a fence.​ ​”Hi, wish you were here,” said Parker.​​

Parker said her secret to a long life is going to bed early and staying out of trouble.​