COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Monday when the Georgia General Assembly wrapped up their redistricting work, they took time to recognize the 47 years of service Smyre has provided to the state.

It may have been Smyre’s last day in the State House.

Across the political isle – Democrats and Republicans stood in recognition of Rep. Calvin Symre’s 47 years in the General Assembly.

If he’s approved by the U.S. Senate, Symre will assume the U.S. ambassadorship to the Dominican Republic.

“It was very moving,” Smyre said. “I was humbled by the experience. And it was a surprise. Any time you get a surprise of that nature, it’s always a pleasant moment.”

One man who has a vote on Smyre’s confirmation, which could come early next year, expects it to happen.

“I think that Rep. Smyre is likely to be confirmed by the Senate to represent the United States in that ambassadorial post,” said Sen. Jon Ossoff, (D) Georgia. “He will have my full support. He’s going to do an outstanding job as a diplomat, just as he has done an outstanding job in our General Assembly.”

Smyre’s legislative career has crossed party lines.

“Calvin is one of those unique individuals … he can work across the isle,” said Rep. Richard Smith, Columbus (R). “Whatever he tells you, you can take to the bank. He is just one of those class acts that probably epitomizes the definition of the statesman.”

Rep. Carolyn Hugley, a Columbus Democrat, agrees.

“It marks the end of an era. And we will never see a representative serve as long as Calvin Smyre and to have as much influence over all of the things that have happened in the General Assembly,” she said.

Smyre will resign from the House when confirmed.

“I am going to miss the members of the General Assembly. It has been a part of my life for 47 years. And that will be a tough void to fill.”

Many of President Biden’s ambassadorships are being currently being held up in the Senate.