COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff made a stop in Columbus this morning touting legislation he says will help military veterans.

Ossoff says he’s working on a bipartisan Senate bill expanding healthcare access for Gulf War veterans impacted by illnesses associated with open burn pits.

Those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan have long blamed burn pits for illnesses from cancer to respiratory problems.

Ossoff says this bill would improve the screening process for those illnesses and make it easier to get treatment and benefits.

“The most important thing that I can communicate today is that no matter who wins, who serves us, whether they are Democrats or Republicans, we have got to come together as one state and one people to take care of those who have sacrificed in our defense,” Ossoff said.

Here’s the issue:

The military used large burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan. They burned everything from medical and human waste to plastics. And the fires were started with aviation fuel.

Veterans exposed to sure burn pits claim that their illnesses are related to that exposure. It can be difficult for veterans to pinpoint the burn pits as the reason for illnesses.

“… For our veterans who have been exposed to toxins because of their service in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Ossoff said. “Veterans who have been exposed to burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan get the lifelong healthcare through the VA that they need and that they have earned. And I am pushing for us to have a vote in the Senate on this measure as soon as next week.”

There has been opposition to similar bills because Republicans say it could end up promising more than the Veterans Administration and the government can deliver.

President Biden is among those pushing for this legislation. His son Beau, a veteran, died of cancer. The president that illness was linked to the burn pits.