COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — A Columbus murder trial moved into its third day in Muscogee County Superior Court.

Ty’Shaun Sylvester and Jessie Harper are facing murder, drug, and gun charges in connection with the April 2020 shooting death of Quincey Atkins on Cusseta Road.

Tuesday’s testimony was about the state’s key witnesses, two men who were in the car with Atkins when he was shot to death.

A parade of law enforcement personnel took the stand – from detectives to crime scene investigators.

A small mountain of evidence — mostly videos, crime scene photos, multiple guns and a bookbag – was presented to the jury.

The state focused on a red Jeep Patriot they say Sylvester was driving when police stopped the vehicle about a week after the April 18, 2020 murder of Atkins.

The driver of the vehicle eluded arrest that day, but inside and near the Jeep, a bookbag with two guns and a cell phone were recovered by police.

Prosecutors have said the cell phone and a gun found in the Jeep tie Sylvester to the murder.

Here is an exchange Kendrick had with former Columbus Police Crime Scene investigator Merri White, who now works for the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office.

She processed the cell phone.

Kendrick: “So, now your testimony is – I just want to make sure and clarify – you can not say officially that State’s exhibit 190 was found in this vehicle, this Jeep Patriot. Is that your testimony now?

White: “Yes sir. I don’t know what ….

Kendrick: So your testimony is you can’t say this phone was found in the Patriot?

White: Right …

After that exchange, you could hear Kendrick snap his fingers as he walked back to the defense table. He seemed pleased with the way that exchange went. He even muttered “Got it” before he sat down.

The pace of trial was much quicker on Wednesday.

Tuesday afternoon, Dwayne Jackson and Anthony McGhee took the stand and the testimony slowed to a crawl. Both men were in the car with Atkins when was gunned down. They were each reluctant witnesses.

The trial will resume on Thursday morning in front of Superior Court Judge John Martin.