There’s a grassroots movement in Phenix City to get bike lanes created. The push comes after 26 year old Sean Rey was hit by two cars while riding his bike to work on Summerville Road back on April 2nd. Rey died from his injuries on April 18th about two weeks after he was hit. There is a group circulating a petition hoping for safer biking in the area.

1,064 is the number of people who have signed the Phenix City petition hoping to bring bike lanes to the area. 

“I think we need them so we can actually be a community. So we can enjoy being outside riding our bikes when it is hot or taking it instead of a car,” said Ashlee Whitener.

Ashlee Whitener started the petition after her friend, Sean Rey, died last month.

“He was just a really sweet person,” said Whitener.

Whitener says she does not want any other family to experience the pain of losing a loved one in this way.

“I cried. I just thought why him,” said Whitener.

Across Alabama, there were four bicycle deaths in 2010. In the state of Georgia, 19 people lost their lives while riding bikes just last year. Here in Columbus, we have had 3 bike fatalities since 2005. There has been a push across the Chattahoochee Valley to get more bike lanes. In Columbus, you can see them on Linwood Boulevard between 6th avenue and 10th avenue. There are also lanes on the Dillingham Street Bridge. For Whitener, her main concern is safety. She is hoping the lanes will cross the river into the place she calls home.

“I hope nobody has to ever go through this again,” said Whitener.

Phenix City Mayor Eddie Lowe says city council has briefly discussed bike lanes but they are still in the early stages of deciding whether or not to include them in the say. Lowe says in the future he would like to see them as a part of the community. If you want to sign the petition you can visit: bike lane petition.