Phenix City man grateful for Alzheimer’s clinical trial success

A Phenix City man says he believes he was given a drug and not the placebo in a clinical trial to test a drug designed to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Rex McLaney is an insurance man. He started his own business more than 20 years ago. His daughter Cindy Martin joined him in the business. Life was great. But four years ago he knew he just wasn’t himself.

“Very forgetful. Your concentration level was extremely low. Your wife, daughter tell you to do something and like that you could literally take off to go do something and halfway into your journey you didn’t know where you were going or what you were going for or what you were doing you know,” said McLaney.

And it got much worse. He paid a visit to Dr. Jonathan Liss, a neurologist and researcher who’s conducting several trials on drugs to either prevent Alzheimer’s or stop the progression once it begins. Dr. Liss recently announced the latter is working.

“And they’ve announced after 18 months for the first time in medical history that we’ve been able to slow the progression of the disease and decrease the protein that they believe causes this disease from coming into the brain. This is a major moment that will be in medical history books and Columbus was the third highest enrollment site for this,” said Dr. Liss.

Patients in clinical trials are either given the drug that’s being tested or a placebo. Rex and Cindy, his daughter both believe he was given the actual drug known as Ban 2401 because of the remarkable progress he’s made.

Every 65 seconds someone in the U.S. develops Alzheimer’s. An estimated 5.7 million Americans, including 140,000 in Georgia, have Alzheimer’s dementia. By 2025 that number is expected to jump to 7.1.

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