PHENIX CITY, Ala. (WRBL ) – For years, Phenix City mayor Eddie Lowe and his wife Deborah have offered scholarship opportunities for local students. Upcoming events will raise funds for this year’s round of scholarships for students at Central, Glenwood and Russell County High Schools.

The annual Phenix City Mayor’s Ball is heading into its 9th year; money raised from the event and the additional golf tournament will go toward furthering the education of local students. The Mayor’s Ball Committee says they’ve seen firsthand the impact this money can make. 

“We have students that express their gratitude, they come back, they’ll tell their testimony and stories at our balls,” Yolaunda Daniel, Chairman of the Mayor’s Ball Committee said. “We have letters from them, get cards from them thanking us… so it is very rewarding to see the students succeed based on the scholarships that they received.”

On an average year, about 40 scholarships are awarded. Daniel says beyond academics, the scholarship committee looks at students’ essays and extracurriculars to determine scholarship winners.

Mayor Lowe is working to plant the seeds for the future generation of his city. Sending students to university who otherwise may not have had the opportunity is something he prays will come back around. 

“I know and we know that one of those kids may have to take care of us,” Lowe said. “We’re praying and hoping that they follow that example — when our time comes when we need them they will be there. Hopefully, just hopefully out of all the kids that we’ve awarded, if one of those kids duplicates this type of event wherever he or she may be, it’ll be well worth it.”

Students at Central, Glenwood, and Russell County High Schools can get application materials from their school counselor. The deadline for applications is Apr. 22 at midnight.  

The golf tournament will be on June 10 and the 9th annual ball will be held on June 25 at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center.

Tickets and donations for these events will go toward scholarships for these students and charity.