Phenix City OBGYN speaks on pregnancy and infant awareness month


PHENIX CITY, Ala. (WRBL) – October is pregnancy and infant awareness month, one Phenix City Obestrican and gynecologist wants to bring light to this awareness.

October sheds light on many awareness issues such as breast cancer and domestic violence, October also sheds light on pregnancy and infant loss. Dr. Adrienne Crow is the only female OBGYN in Phenix City and she spoke with News 3 about how many mothers and expecting mothers experience the loss of an unborn child or infant.

“We believe that up to 25% of all pregnancies end in miscarriages,” Dr. Crow said.

According to Dr. Crow, expecting mothers can experience miscarriages for several reasons which include genetic chromosomal abnormalities, increase in age, maternal medical comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes and thyroid disease.

Doctors are still unsure as to what exactly causes sudden infant death syndrome, but Dr. Crow says there are many ways to prevent this from happening.

“Specifically for SIDS, we don’t know exactly what causes SIDS but we do know ways to prevent it. What SIDS is, is sudden infant death of a seemingly normal or healthy infant up to the age of one that dies in their sleep. What we found is that sleeping on a firm mattress, placing them on their backs to sleep, not letting them get overheated and removing fluffy blankets away from their sleeping area decreases the chances,” Dr. Crow said.

Dr. Crow said SIDS is very uncommon, but when it happens it leaves a toll on families.

“Most women that experience a loss, any loss that’s a first-trimester loss or a late third-trimester loss, a stillbirth or an infant that dies. they experience significant stress and most of the time are very anxious that it will occur again,” Dr. Crow said.

Dr. Crow told News 3 when mothers who have gone through a miscarriage or SIDS are expecting a new baby it can still be a difficult situation for them, but she reassures them that everything will be okay.

“I hold their hand through the entire process and let them know this is a different pregnancy and I try to be as supportive as I can,” Dr. Crow said.

Dr. Crow said telling a mother she’s experiencing a miscarriage is the hardest part of her job.

“It’s extremely hard, but it comes with the territory, for the most part when it’s a first-trimester loss sometimes patients are aware that something is abnormal is going on. It’s unusual to diagnose a miscarriage during the first evaluation, so I counsel patients and always let them know what could possibly be going on and by the time we make that diagnoses they’re pretty aware of the possibility,” Dr. Crow said.

Dr. Crow told News 3 conversations about miscarriages and SIDS need to happen because it’s more common than we think.

“I think just talking about it helps bring awareness, letting moms that have experienced a loss know that you’re there for them. Understanding any loss, no matter the age is a loss and just being supportive,” Dr. Crow said.

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