Plastic surgeon saves man’s foot after he’s hit by train

A Harris County man says he’s blessed to be alive after falling asleep on the railroad tracks and not waking up in time to avoid being hit by a train.

It’s now a little more than two months after the accident.

Joshua Hudson, 29,  was bruised and battered by the train but his worst injury was to his right foot. He doesn’t remember much but wasn’t prepared for what he heard from orthopaedic doctors when he woke up in the emergency room.

“My arteries and veins and stuff got ripped off. My foot was in bad shape and it would be easier for me to try to amputate instead of trying to save it,” said Joshua Hudson.

But often an orthopaedic specialist will consult with a plastic surgeon to explore options that don’t involve amputations. Dr. Vincent Naman of Chattahoochee Plastic Surgery was the one called in on Joshua’s case.

“I felt very strongly that we could save his foot. The information I received from his orthopaedic doctors was that he had good blood supply to that area,” said Dr. Vincent Naman.

Joshua’s soft tissue was destroyed in the accident. The tissue needed to be replaced. In a 5 to 6 hour surgery, that’s what Dr. Naman did.

“The tissue that save Joshua’s leg came from his abdomen. We had to totally disconnect it and basically transplant it onto his foot. To do that we have to get it under a microscope and sew together blood vessels thin as a wire, using sutures as small as hair. And so it’s a very long and laborsome process.”

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