Police say a Columbus 14-year-old confessed to being the shooter in a car break-in turned murder back in June.

The teen — who appeared in Recorder’s Court Friday morning — made the confession after being arrested this week. A Columbus Police detective told the court the teen’s mother was in the room at the time of the interview.

He is accused of killing 40-year-old Samuel London outside the Foxy Lady Lounge on June 5. Multiple co-defendants have also told police the 14 year old was the shooter, according to police.

A group of teenagers were breaking into cars in the parking lot of the Foxy Lady, a Victory Drive nightclub, according to police. They say the juveniles can be seen on surveillance video from the nightclub and one other location.

London returned to his car and the 14 year old was inside. A struggled ensued and London was shot and killed, police say.

Including the 14-year-old, four suspects are now in custody. Police say they are looking for a fifth person.

All four in custody face murder charges. A 16 year old appeared in court with the 14 year old on Friday.

Cecil Berguin, 18, is the only co-defendant who is not a minor.

The juveniles are being held at the Youth Detention Center. Because of their age, they are not being identified.