Police warn folks about scammers at the gas pump


EUFAULA, Ala. — Police say criminals are on the prowl at local gas stations.

They can steal your credit card information with a simple swipe at the gas pump.

Sergeant Brown of the Eufaula Police Department says people are calling in to report fraud at the pumps.

“When they get down the road and then the credit card company calls them and say somebody has been using your card and running up your credit line somewhere. That’s how it gets reported and gets called to us,” said Brown.

Police say if something seems suspicious go inside to pay for your gas.

Brown said, “Instead of using the machine outside to swipe your side, go inside if you can if it’s available. Go inside and use your card because it’s less likely for someone to go inside the building and put a scammer on the machine.”

Eufaula police say before swiping your card always check the card reader to make sure it can’t be removed. If it can be removed Police say it’s most likely a scammer.

Brown said, “It’s designed to collect the data from your card and somebody can easily get your information and use it somewhere else.”

Eufaula police say to keep your guard up and always be aware of your surroundings.

If you’ve been a victim to scamming fraud at a gas station, contact the gas station immediately so they are aware and notify your local police department.

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