RUSSELL COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL) – Alabama gubernatorial candidate, Lindy Blanchard, made stops across rural Alabama Friday, including a visit to Phenix City.

Blanchard met with Russell County probate judge Alford Harden, Jr. She has been a business owner for 28 years, has a non-profit for 17 years, and has worked on adoption and orphan policies across the state. Blanchard was appointed by former President Donald Trump as an ambassador of NATO for the country of Slovenia. Blanchard says if elected governor, her biggest priorities are improving education and supporting school choice.

“I want to be that candidate that on day one, as governor, I’ll rip the rug out from the common core. Take that away because that’s a common denominator of why our children are failing in schools. I’m a mathematician, not a politician, so I want to be that governor that takes care of education.”

Alabama gubernatorial candidate – Lindy Blanchard (R)

Blanchard’s campaign is focused on suspending the gas tax, getting rid of as many occupational licensing taxes, and ending the tax on groceries. She originally announced her candidacy for Alabama Senate, but after Trump endorsed Mo Brooks, Blanchard withdrew her Senate campaign and ran for governor instead.

Incumbent Governor Kay Ivey is running for reelection in a crowded field of 8 other Republican candidates, including Blanchard. The Alabama primary election will be held on May 24th.