COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Chris West, the Republican Nominee for Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District, made a trip to the Fountain City on Tuesday. He met with voters at the Muscogee County Republican Party Headquarters as part of his campaign tour. 

Chris West was the underdog in the June Republican runoff. Despite being outspent by his opponent, Jeremy Hunt, he was able to secure the GOP nomination. Now, he’s hitting the ground running ahead of the Nov. General Election. 

West describes himself first and foremost as a Christian. Following a lifelong interest in politics, he’s been a grassroots leader and volunteer in the Georgia Republican Party since 2004. The 38-year-old is a native of Thomasville, the southern part of the 30-county district. 

He is a developer and an officer in the Georgia Air National Guard. His family owns and operates an agricultural business in South Georgia.

“These high gas prices, this inflation… our economy is in a terrible state of affairs,” West said. “I want them to think ‘he’s the guy that’s going to go up and be my voice and fight for me in Washington.’” 

West says Georgians are fed up with food, fuel and fertilizer prices — and that his experience living and working in the 2nd district will help him represent local interests in Washington. 

Come Nov. 8, West is up against Democrat Sanford Bishop. Bishop has held the office for 30 years. When asked if he would be open to debating Sanford Bishop, West said he is. 

WRBL’s Chuck Williams had an in-depth conversation with West on his podcast, The Chuck Williams Show. You can listen to that podcast here.