COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — A Georgia congressman who originally supported Rep. Jim Jordan’s bid to become speaker of the house explained why he switched his vote in a statement released on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Congressman Drew Ferguson voted against Jordan on Tuesday, one of four republicans to move away from their original support of the Ohio congressman.

Since that move, Ferguson said he and his family have been receiving death threats.

“That is simply unacceptable, unforgiveable, and will never be tolerated,” Ferguson said in his statement.

He said after voting for Jordan on Monday, he became concerned when members who did not support Jordan began receiving extraordinary pressure to change their votes.

“As the Republican Conference designee,” said Ferguson. “I supported Congressman Jordan on the first ballot. Following the first vote, I had genuine concern about the threatening tactics and pressure campaigns Jordan and his allies were using to leverage members for their votes.”

Ferguson said he discussed that directly with Jordan.

“When the pressure campaign and the tax on fellow members ramped up,” Ferguson said. “It became clear to me the House Republican Conference does not need a bully as the speaker.”

Ferguson represents the third congressional district, which includes a portion of north Columbus.