COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Georgia gubernatorial candidate David Perdue made a stop in Columbus Friday morning, making a final plea to voters to get out and cast their ballots. The former senator says the Fountain City is his first of six stops of the day. 

Perdue flew into the Columbus Airport, stopping for a fly-around press conference. He said he plans to make stops in Macon, Rome and Augusta, among others. 

With primaries just days away, Georgia’s early voters have turned out to the polls in record numbers. 

“We’ve spent a lot of time since we got in here in December, going around the state doing just what we’re doing today,” Perdue said. “Talking to people face to face… this is a people’s race versus politicians.” 

When asked about a recent report of former President Trump’s alleged dwindling support, Perdue denied those claims.

“He’s still all in this race, always has been,” Perdue said. “He’s going to do another tele-rally for us this weekend, probably Monday night… he came to Commerce… he invested personal money in this thing like I have. So this is a race he cares very much about.”

Perdue said he does not believe former President Trump will be making any more in-person appearances in Georgia. 

He said his main mission is to make sure a Republican President is elected in 2024 and that Republicans get the Senate majority back in November. He said he initially decided to run for Georgia governor — not to beat Gov. Brian Kemp, but to beat Stacey Abrams.