COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Football legend and leading Republican Senate candidate in Georgia, Herschel Walker, made a stop today in the Fountain City on May 22.

Walker is running to unseat Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock. He is one of the biggest names on the list of midterm candidates endorsed by Donald Trump.

Following his rally in Valdosta, Walker stopped by the Muscogee County GOP headquarters and was welcomed by a packed room of supporters.

Walker grew up in rural Georgia and says he is running to give back to the state who has given him so much.

He says his goal is to keep Georgia moving forward with more job creation, lower taxes, and limit red tape within the government. As someone who has struggled with Dissociative Identity Disorder he is a big advocate for access when it comes to mental health. Walker addressed the crime we’ve seen here locally saying we need to defend our law enforcement not defund them.

When asked about election and voter fraud here’s what Walker had to say,

“I think SB 202 is something good. Get rid of all those drop boxes. And now to try to get the drop box to man and also to let people have an I.D. that matches, that’s going to make a little bit of a difference. But if you look over time, there’s always been a problem with elections somewhere. But right now, we’ve got to get it right … I’m winning this election. People know I’m winning it. And the Democrats don’t like it and I think they know I’m coming. I told him I’m coming and I’m going to change this thing. Right now. What’s going on in this country is not right.”

Herschel Walker – (R) Georgia Senate Candidate 

Walker says he is looking forward to debating, democratic primary nominee Raphael Warnock, who currently holds the senate seat.