Muscogee County, Ga. (WRBL) – Parents across the country could have received their last payment from the Child Tax Credit this past Wednesday. Including parents right here in Muscogee County and surrounding counties.
 The future of the benefit remains uncertain as Congress continues to debate President Biden’s Build Back Better plan which includes an extension to the monthly payment plan intended to help parents during the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic.
 In a statement to News 3 supporting the tax credit, Georgia Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock says this tax credit is a lifeline to families across America and urges his colleagues to expand the tax credit.

“The expanded Child Tax Credits have been a lifeline for many families across Georgia and throughout our nation. I know this because I have traveled across the state hearing from many of these families including right here in Muscogee County, where these tax cuts have impacted approximately 45,000 kids and over 97% of families across our state and in our rural communities. Families have told me how these monthly payments have helped them clothe and feed their children, pay for after school and day care, enriching extracurricular activities and so much more. I am asking my colleagues, after these life-changing impacts, why would we not extend these payments? It’s been estimated that the expanded Child Tax Credit would cut poverty by an estimated 40 percent, and it would be bad public policy to cut child poverty in the current year before effectively undoing that progress the next year by letting this crucial tax cut lapse. I am fighting hard in Congress to ensure hardworking families continue benefitting from this tax cut after December.”

– Senator Reverend
Raphael Warnock

The IRS has advised that lawmakers would need to pass the legislation by December 28th in order for the payments to continue in January.