Undecided voter speaks on issues he’s considering before voting in Democratic primary


AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – Democratic Primary voting kicks off in the palmetto state on Saturday.

We spoke to undecided voter Jerome Ferguson about what he’ll be taking into consideration when he enters the voting booth.

Why’d you come out here today?

“I was just curious to see what the Senator had to say. I’ve been paying attention to politics for the last couple of years and I’m just trying to make up my mind. So I figured I’d give everybody a fair listen and we’ll go from there.”

What did you hear that you liked from the Senator today?

“I like the fact that’s he’s talking about evening the playing field for everyday people.”

So I asked the Senator and it kind of got a laugh out of him, ‘you resonate with young people, you resonate with minorities, very clearly you’re a white man. Why does a 78-year-old white man resonate with young people and minorities?’ You’re a young black man, why do you think you like some of the things he has to say?

“For me, it’s about the student loan debt relief. I was intrigued. I’ve been looking at him and Senator Warren for that reason. I think the reason that he resonates with a lot of people. Because he’s genuine. He’s just a human being. A lot of times politicians come around, especially in the black community, every four years and what they do is just pander. You don’t know how annoying pandering is. I would love to tell some of these politicians ‘hey listen, if you’re only coming around here every 4 years…save your gas money. I’m not listening.’ But that’s just how I honestly feel.”

There are some people who say ‘it’s not my responsibility to for your student loans. You went to school, they’re YOUR loans.’ What would you say to that?

“My generation was told that if you go to college, you do the right thing, you’ll come out and get a really great job and the economy will work really good for you. Well that’s not transitioning the way we thought it would be. Maybe we need to be bailed out because we didn’t have a problem bailing out the banks, we didn’t have a problem subsidizing the oil and gas companies, why not try a different approach and level the field for millions who have student loans? If you eliminate student loans for a generation of people, it’s going to go right back into the economy. You’re going to see people buying houses, cars…it may even stabalize the market. How about that?”

Are you going to vote Saturday?

“Yeah, I just haven’t made up my mind on who yet.”

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