COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Mayor Skip Henderson, three new candidates for the Board of Education and one incumbent attended a Meet the Candidates Forum hosted by Davis Broadcasting and The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper.

The forum was put on for citizens to meet the candidates running for their district and hear their answer to questions presented by more than a dozen organizations.

School board candidates were asked about several topics ranging from district specific topics, to school safety, to special needs accommodations.

The four candidates in attendance included District 6 incumbent Mark Cantrell, his challenger Zebulon Harris, District 2 candidate Sadiyah Abdullah and District 8 candidate Sarah Smith.

Meanwhile Mayor Skip Henderson spoke on issues like development and infrastructure in south Columbus, Georgia’s new permit-less carry law, and economic aid for small business owners.

“As the incumbent you know the facts right? You know the budget, you know the things that some of the other candidates don’t know,” said Henderson. “So it’s kind of tough to be able to answer some of the questions and clear up some of the unintentional miss information, but I think it’s important that if you’re currently in a roll like that, that you show them you take the job seriously and you show them by showing up.”

Mayor Henderson’s challenger, John Anker, was unable to attend because of a prior commitment.

“I had something that had been in the works. I had told somebody I’d be there and I was not going to reneg on that commitment. My yes is going to be yes, and my no is going to be no,” said Anker. “I did ask, ’cause they had two dates, they had the 7th was a date that they were going to have for some of the public officials running and they had the 14th. I said can I please switch my dates cause I am available on the 7th. He said no, unfortunately it’s set in stone this was date we’re going with and this was the last communication I’ve had.”

Both Anker and Mayor Henderson will be at News 3’s Mayoral debate at 7:00 p.m. on April 28 at Columbus State University. The debate will feature questions from a panel of WRBL journalists and CSU representatives, as well as viewer-submitted questions. Those questions can be submitted at

That debate will air live on WRBL and livestream on our website,