COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — The Muscogee County Board of Elections and Registrations conducted a limited audit Thursday of the Nov. 8 election results. 

After the 2020 election, there was a full recount done of the presidential race. This one was different – and is a far quicker process. 

It’s a check and balance on the system. 

And – it was done with bipartisan unity — at least in Muscogee County.

Democrats and Republicans sat side-by-side Thursday morning counting a small sampling of the paper ballots generated by the electronic voting machines in last week’s Midterm election. 

“We are in sync with each other. And we got to work with each other,” said Ruth Carpenter, a Democratic election volunteer.

This process was required under state law, but Muscogee County Director of Elections and Registrations Nancy Boren does it a little differently. 

Instead of her office workers counting, she uses volunteers from the local Democratic and Republican and pairs them into two-person teams. 

They made quick work of the more than 2,700 ballots in the Secretary of State’s race they were required to recount. Boren allotted two days for the recount. But it took about three hours. 

One Republican says working together with the Democrats in crucial. 

“The only way you can ensure you have accuracy and lend credibility back to the process,” said Trey Carmack, a Republican election volunteer. “Otherwise, there is always going to be a question in some people’s minds.” 

The recount did not come with the pressure of 2020 when the presidential race and two U.S. Senate seats were in question. 

The exercise in Democracy.

Reporter: “Does it give you more confidence in our electoral process?” 

Beth Moss/Republican election volunteer: “Yes. Knowing that we are sitting side-by-side and there are two sets of eyes on things and they are being counted two and three different times.” 

Denise Vanessa Ellis, Democratic election volunteer: “I think it’s great because we are unifying. And her eyes are on it. My eyes are on it. And we are not robots.”  

Moss; “Exactly. … And, we are enjoying each other’s company.” 

Ellis: “That’s right. And we are laughing.” 

The results will be sent to the Secretary of State’s office, which will determine the accuracy of the sampling. 

All 159 Georgia counties have to complete the sample audit of the Secretary of State’s race by Friday. The state is expected to certify the November 8th Election results next week.