Opening Day for Major League Baseball has arrived, but the game play in these first games will look a bit different in 2023.

The MLB has instituted several rule changes for the 2023 season. We want to know, which rule change do you think will have the biggest impact on America’s pastime? Scroll below the poll to see an explanation of each rule change for this season.

  1. The pitch clock- Pitchers will have 15 seconds to throw a pitch, 20 seconds when a runner is on base. Batters must be ready to hit by the time the clock reaches eight seconds.
  2. Goodbye infield shift!- That means two players must be on each side of the infield. You can no longer move infielders to outfield — or the other side of the infield to try and take away hits.
  3. The bases are getting bigger, by three inches to be exact.

The changes aim to add more action to the game, like hits and stolen bases, while speeding up the pace of play.