COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL/AP) – The United Nations’ top court has ordered Russia to stop hostilities in Ukraine, granting measures requested by Kyiv, although many are skeptical that Russia will comply.

Ukraine had two weeks ago asked the International Court of Justice, also known as the World Court, to intervene, arguing Russia violated the 1948 Genocide Convention by falsely accusing Ukraine of committing genocide and using that as a pretext for the ongoing invasion.

The court’s president, U.S. judge Joan E. Donoghue, demanded Wednesday that “the Russian Federation shall immediately suspend the special military operations it commenced on Feb. 24.”

Tonight in Columbus, members of New Hope Presbyterian Church held a prayer service in support of Ukraine, as Russia continues its invasion of the country.

Galina Shehane of Ukraine says all were invited: students, military, retirees, anyone concerned about Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

During the service, members of the congregation were asked to step forward in silent prayer.

They lit candles in honor of the lives lost, the Ukrainians fighting for their country, and the country’s leadership. Members of the church recited a prayer for Ukraine as well as the Ukrainian National Anthem.