Protesters in Harris County fight for racial justice against police brutality


Hamilton, Georgia (WRBL) More than 50 marchers gathered in Hamilton, Georgia’s historic square on Sunday.

“We heard there was going to be a protest for Black Lives Matter so we wanted to join in,” says Luester Walton, Protestor.

Black and white protesters from Harris County and other parts of the state circled the confederate monument there and gathered to demonstrate solidarity for racial justice and against police brutality.

“We decided to do it because of everything that’s going on with the race. And, especially two days ago in Wendy’s, a guy got killed by another cop again,” says Maia Condon, Organizer.

As the protest progressed peacefully, a different group gathered off to the side and watched. Until one man, walked in amongst the Black Lives Matter marchers and began to yell “All Lives Matter”. Eventually, that man walked away from the group of Black Lives Matter marchers.

“All of us in Harris County, we’ve grown up together. We don’t see any racism, because we don’t see color, we see love,” says Don Oliver, Hamilton Resident.

But, Harris County residents, on the other side of today’s protest, disagree.

“We decided to do it because not only is it going on in the world, but a lot of people have expressed to me how it has happened in this community and in this county,” says Condon.

“I just feel like this is where we are from and we still stay here. So, it’s very important to make sure we speak out about it,” says Tevin Revells, Organizer.

Organizers and people who gathered in support of today’s march said despite the brief argument during today’s march, they achieved their goal for a peaceful protest, aimed at spreading love, not hate, to create change.

“We just want to do a peaceful march and it’s for all lives. It’s a togetherness thing,” says Bettye Walton, Protestor.

Hamilton police and deputies were on site, making sure everyone was safe during the protest.

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