Animal control in an Indiana city rescued a python found at a Walmart on Tuesday. The snake was found on a shelf in the store.

City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control posted about the strange discovery of the python, now named Wolverine, on their Facebook page.

The post said in part: “Happy tuesssssssday. Meet our little friend, Wolverine. This young python was found at our local Walmart chillin’ on a shelf. It’s unclear how he got there, but it was a good thing a Good Samaritan saw him and notified county officers to come pick him up.”

The post also said they were seeking a new home for the little guy, but since then the snake has had many potential adopters contact them about giving the snake a forever home.

In a follow-up post animal control said they are still looking to solve the mystery of how the snake came to be at the store.

It said in part: “We realize snakes can be quite alarming for some and we can imagine finding one in a public space may cause discomfort. We would love to know how our little pal ended up in Walmart, but Wolverine isn’t talking!”