Randy and Oline Price share his COVID-19 recovery; ‘I was a widow for seven minutes’


LEE COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL) – Alabama State Senator Randy Price and his wife Lee County Revenue Commissioner Oline Price reveal how East Alabama Medical Center doctors and nurses brought him back from the dead during his fight against COVID-19.

This week marks one year since Senator Price was released from East Alabama Medical Center. The couple is forever grateful to EAMC’s staff and urges the public to heed their advice as they make decisions regarding the vaccine.

“It’s been a year, and it’s still hard to relive it,” said Oline Price.

Randy and Oline have been married for 43-years. In good times and bad, sickness and health, their vows rang true in July of 2021, when the couple got sick with COVID. Oline handled the virus well; Randy did not. He spent two months at East Alabama Medical Center, three weeks on the vent. Upon his release, Randy worked hard to regain the ability to walk and breathe normally during three months of rehab. He had fought and overcome COVID-19, but the virus left him unable to sit up in the bed.

“It was a very scary time, I remember the morning I went on the ventilator I called my oldest son and told him to look after his momma, talked to Oline and told her it had been a good ride, and she said the ride wasn’t over,” shared an emotional Senator Price.

After he was placed on the vent, Price’s condition worsened. Oline was called to the hospital because doctors were worried he wouldn’t make it. While Oline was in the room, her husband died for seven minutes.

“The chaplain at the hospital came in and said you need to pray, and that was the time he coded. I was a widow for seven minutes, and that was not a good feeling. I don’t ever want to be there again. But, God and those miracle workers at the hospital brought my husband back to me,” shared Oline.

The couple visits EAMC often to pray from the parking lot or deliver food. Randy remembers seeing EAMC’s Dr. Ricardo Maldonado for the first time since his recovery.

“He came up to me and hugged me with tears in his eyes. These people care about their patients. The advice they give to their patients is the same advice they would give to their loved ones,” shared Senator Randy Price.

The advice from Dr. Maldanoa and EAMC is clear, get the vaccine. The vast majority of hospitalizations, vent use, and deaths involve unvaccinated people.

“People should choose for themselves. But, if you look at the number of patients that are unfortunately in ICU, and the percentages of those not vaccinated, and the percentage who are – they are very different numbers,” said Senator Price.

Oline is urging people to vaccinate to take care of themselves and their neighbors. She is still haunted by what her family went through for five long months. COVID-19 is the enemy.

“I would like to think what Randy and I have been through will influence other people to take proactive steps,” said Commissioner Price.

Oline was right. Forty-three years, and counting, the ride is far from over for this beloved east Alabama couple. Randy’s recovery is a source of inspiration and hope for so many. The couple urges you to turn to social media for entertainment and turn to trusted medical experts at EAMC for advice on health issues.

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