COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — This month, WRBL News 3 has been highlighting our finalist for Remarkable Women. The nationwide Nexstar media initiative recognizes women for the influences they’ve had on public policy, social progress and quality of life.

A Columbus woman who has devoted her time to giving back to others is one of our local finalists. Although she has faced many obstacles in her life, she continues to lead with love and joy.

2010 was the year everything changed for Judy Myers. At 65 years old, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. In her mind she had one choice  – go into hospice and save her family the burden. But after speaking with her doctor, her faith kicked in. She decided  treatment was the best way to go.

“Had I not had my mammogram when I had my mammogram, I never would have known it,” said Myers. “And until it was too late. And had I not had those treatments, I would only have maybe six months.”

Little did Myers know, the road to recovery was going to have its ups and downs. After having her lumpectomy, a nurse gave Myers a heart-shaped pillow to help alleviate the pain. The curve of the pillow fit perfectly underneath her arm. This pillow sat with Myers through 52 weeks of chemotherapy and 33 sessions of radiation.

Myers later learned the pillow came from the Sowing Seeds of Love Ministry at her church – Wynnbrook Baptist. Since joining the ministry, Myers and other volunteers have distributed 7,000-8,000 pillows. The heart-shaped gift is now part of her story.

“If I had not had cancer, like my husband says when we go and speak places, he said, if Judy had not had this cancer, we would not have met so many people that we’ve been able to witness to about Jesus love and bring comfort to through these pillows,” said Myers.

After enduring aggressive treatments, Myers was declared cancer free in 2011. She’s grateful for the Remarkable Woman nomination, another chance to share her victory. 

“I feel honored,” said Myers. “I’m just so humbled by it because I don’t consider myself a remarkable person. You know, I consider myself a tool for Jesus. If you can do something to help somebody to bring joy in their life with so much bad going on in this world. That’s what we need more of is encouragement.”

And that encouragement, in the form of a heart-shaped pillow is spreading across the nation, as far away as Hawaii. As for Myers, she continues to spread love and joy – leaving a lasting impact, one stitch at a time. 

The Wynnbrook Baptist Church sewing ministry distributes pillows to the John B Amos Cancer Center, Piedmont Regional and sends them out by mail across the nation.