Repelling snakes from your yard, home area this summer


MIDLAND, Ga- As we head into summer, we’re all getting outside and becoming more active.  Nature also comes alive as the temperatures warm.  In our area, it also means an increase in snake presence.

This story was inspired by our story earlier this month about dispelling snake myths.  We received a lot of response from it.

While it’s true that our part of Georgia is home to only six types of snakes venomous to humans, many people still want to take steps to keep as far away from snakes as possible.  We spoke with a professional who helps people do just that.

“In the state of Georgia, we average about 15 to 16 snakes per square mile. We have more snakes per square mile than any other state in the United States,” says Ricky Sanders, manager of Arrow’s Home Service Center in Columbus.

Summertime is prime time for snakes to become active.  If you’re squeamish when it comes to serpents, the good news is there are some steps you can take to reduce your chances of inviting them to take up residence near you.

“Keeping your pine straw [in flower beds] in good shape, keeping your shrubbery cut back, not having any trash piles where snakes can hide and gather,” says Sanders is all good advice.

The reason these places are favorites for snakes is their favorite food sources like them, too.

“That’s their food—rats and frogs. That’s what they’re usually chasing when they come up around your house. They’re usually chasing those things,” says Sanders.

And here’s a thought we shudder to discuss, but it’s something we need to address.

“If a mouse can get in, a snake can get in,” says Sanders.

Yes, he’s talking about the inside of a house.  Should you see a snake in your home, stay as calm as you can. If possible, keep an eye on the snake, at a distance, as you call for help.

“So always keep an eye on the snake, especially inside the house.  Because he’s going back out the way he came in.  And that needs to be sealed,” says Sanders.

Sanders says don’t let this information panic you. It’s rare for snakes to come inside, especially if people keep their yards clean. And when homes are sealed properly, all critters are kept outside.  Sealing homes is also good for electric bills, too.

Companies such Arrow Exterminators offer free assessments of where homes need to be sealed and free estimates on how much it would cost to get the home sealed properly.

Sanders also reminds everyone to be careful in the woods and near bodies of water.  He says parents should remind children not to touch snakes—and none of us should try to unnecessarily provoke them.

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